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Pre and Post Test (Answers)

1 –  A – Destructive responses to anger can become an addiction.  True
2 –  B – My behavior is part of my personality and I have no control over it.  False
3 –  C – There are some choices without consequences.  False
4 –  D – My reaction to anger can be justified as long as I am wronged by another.  False
5 –  E – Ego is the Latin word meaning “I.”  True
6 –  F – It is a basic human need to belong to a group.  True
7 –  G – Guilt is a feeling, not a fact.   True
8 –  H – Uncontrolled anger has been known to cause   a. High Blood Pressure  b. Heart Disease  c.Lower Immune System  *d.  All of the above
9 –  I –   Empathy is feeling sorry for someone else.  False
10 – J – “People should agree with me” is a judgmental assumption.  True
11 – K – Anger is a natural, normal, healthy emotion and it is perfectly appropriate to express it.  True
12 – L – Meditation can help with  a.  Pain Control  b.  Anger Control  c.  Clearer thinking  *d.  All of the above
13 – M – Natural consequences are the logical consequences of a cause.  True
14 – N – There is no natural consequence if you decide not to shower for a week.  False
15 – O – There is no right or wrong way to handle grief-to-anger experiences.  True
16 – P – You can retrain your brain to respond to anger.  True
17 – Q –The ABC System includes Analyze, Best choice, and Courageous Maintenance.  True
18 – R – Which way is not a positive way to respond to anger?  a.  Walk away  b.  Talk it out  *c.  Hit a wall  d.  Take a time out
19 – S – Using “I” statements can cause the other person to become defensive.  False
20 – T – Learning healthier self-care habits can help you avoid depression and irritability.  True
21 – U – Positive self-talk can defuse your anger.  True
22 – V – Violence is not a form of communication.  False
23 – W – Drug and alcohol use will only trigger angry outbursts if you overdose.  False
24 – X – I am the only one with control over my behavior.  True
25 – Y – When someone crosses your personal boundary, your only option is to strike back.  False
26 – Z – Knowing the facts, judgments, assumptions, truths, options, and skills, will lead you to healthier choices.  True


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